Why you should do a placement year

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The placement year is also known as a sandwich year and it gives students the opportunity to take a year out from studying. The placement year allow students to undertake work experience, which usually lasts a full academic year. Listed below are some reasons you may find taking a placement year beneficial.

Put theory into practice  

Undertaking a placement year will allow you to apply what you have learnt in your lectures to a job role. They will allow you to further your understanding of your degree, by giving you practical skills which cannot be learnt solely from your academic studies.

Test drive your career

If you’re unsure about what career path you want to pursue after university, a placement year will enable you to test out a career that you’re interested in. You can also split your placement year into two sections. For example, if your studying Psychology you may decide that you want to spend 6 months working in an HR department and the remaining 6 months in a clinical setting. This will allow you to test drive two completely different career paths before you finish university.

Enhance your career prospects

The placement year is useful in helping you develop yourself professionally. Specifically, they are a great addition to your CV and will help you stand out when applying for competitive graduate jobs. The placement year gives you the chance to gain industry-level work experience before you graduate, so it could help you secure your dream graduate job as you will be demonstrating your experience and achievements in your chosen field!

Get a feel for the real working world

By undertaking a placement year, you will adapt to the typical 9-5 working routine. This is a great way to bridge the gap between your university studies and future career path. Many students have reported that the placement year makes the transition from university to the working world a lot easier.

Written by Sonali O