What I wish I had known in First Year

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Welcome to Aston – I hope you’re all happy with your choice of university! Aston University is a fantastic choice with a massive range of degree subjects, leading graduate employment rates and student satisfaction.

One of the most difficult things for anyone who has been or is a student at university is settling in. As a final year undergraduate Mathematics student in the EAS school, I have been through the same things as you are going through now – my advice is to enjoy the experience! Time flashes by so soak up every moment.

If you are nervous, that’s fine – being nervous can produce the best results when channelled in the right way. Remember to talk to people – your fellow students are in the same situation as you are and you could end up making friends that last a lifetime!

To help you benefit from my experience of university, I will reflect on things I wish I knew at the start of my first year. In hindsight, I wish that I had spoken to my lecturers and interacted with them more. (Notice I said speak – this is key at university!) I struggled with the thought that they were higher people than I was i.e. Doctors and Professors and would think I and my questions were stupid. But my thinking was so wrong! They are incredibly approachable, and love that you are studying and loving the subject that they have put years of hard work into.

In conclusion, I wish all of you every success in your degrees and careers, and a final message from me – any questions, just ask!

Josh, Final Year C+P Associate