Tips on Securing a Placement

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“Energy and persistence conquer all things.”

– Benjamin Franklin

The search for a placement can be stressful, but doing certain things could make the process a whole lot less stressful. Here are some tips!

Contacting the Careers and Placement Team

This one should be at the top of your list and that’s because it eases the rest of your placement search. Going to the careers and placements team with a copy of your CV and Cover Letter draft is a great step. Running these documents by the professionals and getting impactful feedback could completely change the direction of your job search. You would gain insights on how to improve your CV and advice on how to attract employers with an outstanding Cover Letter. You can book appointments via this link. Additionally, it is worth checking out this Resource Library for samples of CVs and Cover Letters that you can draft before meeting with a careers consultant.

Sign Up to the Aston Futures Mailing List

You may not have heard of it but there is an Aston Futures Mailing List and it’s a good one. Hopefully, you’ve logged into your Aston Futures already. Here is how to make it more personalised to you. First, at the top of the page, there is a ‘Me’ icon that links you to your profile. Then, on the profile page, there is an ‘edit profile’ button that shows you your profile details. Scroll down to number 2 ‘how would you like us to contact you and you would have the option to get newsletters and the choice of weekly emails for events. These emails have placement and work experience opportunities that you could be interested in that come straight to your email.

Attend Employability Events

Remember those mailing lists? Well, they also have one for events! These events from my experience are so insightful, practical and informative. I was lucky to attend multiple PwC events that boosted my application process with them and I secured a placement with them. Moreover, there are a variety of events that could interest you so I highly recommend signing up for the events mailing list.

Open a LinkedIn Account and Engage

Its amazing how much exposure you get from LinkedIn. I have seen so many opportunities and intriguing content on LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows you to showcase your interests which potential employers may find interesting and create impactful networks. In a sense, the platform is a promotion of what you have to offer. For these reasons, I encourage you to share posts and engage in posts that interest you; really deep dive into the outlook of your profile. You’d be surprised that employers use this platform in scouting for applicants! The Resource Library also provides a section on using LinkedIn as a student.


Companies love it when you can show you know about them! Therefore, it will make you stand out and if anything, expose you to some interesting information. The skill of commercial awareness is extremely important to employers so I highly recommend doing research and keep up to date with industry trends.


Now, this is an obvious one but is the most important. You need to put yourself out there. Send out your CV and Cover Letters that you have worked so hard on. Check out RateMyPlacement, Aston Futures, Target Jobs and even LinkedIn for job opportunities.

Best Wishes !

Written by Chidinma Vivian