My process of finding a graduate role

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Your final year at university can be stressful enough with deadlines, exams and a dissertation to write… without the added pressure of finding a job for after you graduate! Don’t worry, you’re not alone – I understand how you feel!

It is important to remember that the right job is out there, and lucky for you, I’ve compiled some tips that have helped me during my search for a graduate role:

Firstly – and I cannot recommend this enough – create a spreadsheet! At the start of my final year, I pulled together an Excel spreadsheet to note down the organisation, the role itself and the deadline date of all the jobs I want to apply for. I continually update the sheet to keep track of which stage I’m at in the application process – which has been super helpful as I have been invited to video interviews, assessment days, etc. The spreadsheet has allowed me to visualise where I am with my graduate job search and keep on top of multiple applications!

Next up… update your LinkedIn profile! LinkedIn is incredibly handy when your profile is complete and up-to-date. It’s a way for employers to learn more about you – so showcase your skills and experiences! As well as this, LinkedIn is a super useful took to find jobs that are out there and be headhunted by potential recruiters. So make the most of your LinkedIn profile by using these handy tips pulled together by the Careers and Placements team.

Finally, take advantage of the Careers and Placements team at Aston. I personally have lost count how many times I have contacted and booked appointments with the Careers Consultants to get cover letters, application questions or presentations checked before submitting them to employers. They really are there to help you on your graduate search – so utilise that! 

Good luck with your graduate role searches – keep at it! ☺

Written by Rachael Woodroffe, Careers and Placements Associate