Making the most out of your University years

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University is arguably one of the best times of your life. But how do you really make the most out of your university years?  

Join societies: Societies are a great way to find people who have similar interests to you. Meeting other students through societies will also help you network beyond your course. If nothing sparks your interest, you may be able to create your own society! The Students’ Union usually offer administrative and financial support to help new societies thrive. Visit to see the range of societies available at Aston.

Set yourself goals: To ensure that your ambition remains high throughout your university years, be sure to set yourself targets. This is a great way to remain productive during your time at university.  If you don’t have specific goals in mind, start with the basics. Being on time to class is a great small goal but is often overlooked. Once your small goals are set, you can start making a note of some of the bigger goals that you would like to achieve. Have a difficult reading that you’ve been putting off? Set time aside, break it into chunks and attempt to conquer it. Setting goals will help you manage your time better and work smarter.

Take a placement year: A placement year is a great way to get some experience in the industry that you’re planning to pursue. You’ll learn new skills and enhance the skills that you probably didn’t even know that you had! Undertaking a placement year will also make you realise what you want from your working life. You may even realise that you’re not enjoying the career that you’ve been planning to pursue. Whatever you learn from your placement year, it will be valuable in helping you decide the next steps for your future.

Ask for help: If you need some extra support, take advantage of the LDC at the library. The LDC delivers a series of workshops and webinars for students, covering several topics including academic writing, referencing and revision strategies. The LDC are a great source of support offering one-to-one and group sessions. They are located on the first floor in the Library. Alternatively, you can now book appointments online.

Mental health issues are becoming progressively prominent among students. If your mental health is at risk, The Counselling and Mental Wellbeing Service at Aston will offer you support. Meeting up with one of the team members will help you discuss any worries that you may have such as stress, anxiety and academic-related concerns. Appointments can be made by telephone: 0121 204 4007 or you can email the Counselling and Mental Wellbeing Service on

Explore the city: Remember that there is more to student life than sitting in lectures. As well as living with your friends, be sure to actually explore the city. Finding new restaurants, visiting the markets and endeavouring new activities are precious things that you should cherish while you can, before you leave your University life forever. is a convenient way to find events near you in order to explore the city to the full extent.

Written by Sonali Odedra