Being a student during COVID-19

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The current lockdown restrictions have impacted students massively. Remote learning has meant that the new norm is working from home or your university room. Use the following tips to help you get through this academic year despite COVID-19.

Stay in touch with your personal tutor: Keeping in touch with your personal tutor is extremely important. Remember that they want to support you during your time at university. If you have any concerns or if you are struggling with anything, be sure to get in contact with them and they will redirect you to any relevant services.

Spend time outside: Remember to spend some time outside, especially if you’ve been catching up on lectures back to back! Spending time outside and getting fresh air is always a good idea. Try going for a short walk. This will increase your cardiovascular fitness, reduce levels of stress and improve your mood!

Limit your social media activity: Try to limit the amount of COVID-19 related content that you are consuming. Not only can social media be a distraction, but it may also subconsciously provoke anxiety. If you do decide to read about the latest COVID-19 rules, only use trusted news sources.

Prioritise self-care: Ensure that you make time to care for yourself. Being mindful of your own needs will enable you to help others who are in need. Whether it is face masks, reading your favourite book or binge-watching Netflix series, do not neglect yourself during these times.

Written by Sonali O