Balancing Second Year

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You may have underestimated how stressful second-year would be. However, if you follow some of these tips you will definitely have a successful year. Balancing placements, exams, coursework, maybe a part-time job and a social life is overwhelming however perseverance is key to second-year. 


Make sure you have your priorities in order. Academia obviously comes first, but maybe consider putting equal effort into finding a placement. Great placement opportunities often close early on and often have many stages including assessment centers. Don’t wait to Easter to apply, see a job role you like? Apply for it!

Set yourself some goals you would like to achieve and a time-frame to achieve them by! 

Write down deadline reminders 

If you have lots of deadlines write them down and arrange them by dates, this way you know how to use your time effectively and you don’t forget any coursework which is due. Stick this to your notice board so you are reminded daily.

Use your time effectively 

Any spare time you have in-between lectures you should be researching placement opportunities or using your time effectively. In second year I often felt there wasn’t enough hours in the day to get everything I wanted done, so try waking up 1 hour earlier and your productivity levels increase massively.


This is particularly aimed at students who also work part-time. Working part-time is a great way to make ends meet and gives you a break without your phone and academic pressure. If you are working part-time write down a weekly planner with lectures and shifts, this way you can see where you have gaps with time so you can study or apply for placements. It gets you prepared for the week ahead.

Having a part time job makes it easier for you to adjust to a 9-5 placement and can help save some money to do what you want. 


It is always important to make time for friends during second-year as many of your friends might not be doing a placement and graduating when you are on placement or working/studying abroad. Use second-year to make sure you build memories and have a good time. Remember you can always have the best of both worlds.

Until next time…