Advice for funding your international placement

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When telling my parents I wanted to study abroad, they were immediately anxious about how I would fund my time away. So I’m here to let you know that this does not need to be an anxiety of yours because there are ways to ease the financial burden of living in another country!

Opting to go to Europe is probably one easiest ways to have a financially stable placement. Studying or working in Europe means that you are eligible for an Erasmus+ grant. These grants are dependent on the country you decide to go to but in general, are an incredibly useful boost to have during the year.

The Erasmus grant does not need to be paid back, so this is another plus! On top of this, you can also apply for student finance. My year abroad was made so much easier with these resources! Of course, you have to budget so make sure you research thoroughly housing and food costs. Opting to flat share is the best option because then you are not burdened with paying rent and bills by yourself. This can be done with Facebook pages and official agencies in the country you opt to stay in as well as checking websites for average living cost is also helpful in budgeting your year!

My last piece of advice is compare the cost of staying in the UK to going abroad. This was my greatest asset in realising that an international placement was an extremely viable option.