4 Tips to Maximise Your Chances of Landing a Part-Time Job

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Student life isn’t easy. Every day, you’re juggling multiple responsibilities from your studies to household chores – and perhaps even considering taking on a part-time job. While financial reasons may drive this decision, it’ll also become a strategic step towards transitioning into full-time employment post-graduation. Not only will you have more experience under your belt, but you’ll also have professional references that you can use within future applications. However, it’s no secret that the part-time job hunt can be highly competitive – particularly in student cities – and you can be wondering how to get ahead of the crowd.

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind to maximise your chances of landing a part-time job:

1. Showcase soft skills

As a student seeking part-time employment, you may not have much professional experience in the workplace, but that’s not to say that you won’t be successful in securing your first part-time role. You will have gained invaluable soft skills in particular university projects, volunteering or, extra-curricular activities, which will present you as a well-rounded and interesting candidate that can adapt to any part-time position. Some of the skills you should aim to mention within your application include:

  • Communication: Demonstrate your ability to convey information clearly and effectively, both verbally and written.
  • Teamwork: Highlight your ability to collaborate with others to achieve shared objectives.
  • Adaptability: Underline your ability to handle change and challenges that are thrown your way.
  • Problem-solving: Showcase your analytical skills in making informed decisions to overcome obstacles.
  • Critical thinking: Illustrate your capacity to evaluate information and situations objectively, enabling you to make well-informed decisions through careful analysis.
  • Time management: Highlight your ability to prioritise tasks to maximise productivity and meet deadlines.
  • Creativity: Showcase your ability to think outside the box and bring new ideas to the table.
2. Show enthusiasm

Even if the position you’re applying for doesn’t align with your future career goals, it’s crucial to convey genuine interest in your CV and/or cover letter. Given the competitive nature of job markets, especially for student roles, you simply can’t afford to blend in with the crowd. Therefore, research the company by checking out their website or LinkedIn profile. By explaining why your values align with the company’s mission or why their products and services are appealing to you, you’ll show the employer that you are genuinely invested in making a positive contribution to the organisation.

3. Network

Establishing meaningful connections is a key strategy that can significantly boost your prospects of securing a part-time job. In the scope of job hunting, it’s often said that it’s not just about what you know but also about who you know. Taking the initiative to attend job fairs and industry events during your free time can be highly beneficial. Engaging in conversations with professional may also expose you to potential job openings that may not have been publicly advertised yet.

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4. Be practical

Instead of sitting back and waiting for job opportunities to come knocking, take the proactive approach of jumping on the job hunt to explore different avenues. Ask friends and family if they are aware of any part-time positions in the local area.

Also, keep browsing online job boards and sign-up to reputable recruitment agencies, such as Inspiring Interns, where you can discover a wide range of positions, spanning from summer internships to graduate jobs. Also, make the most of the search filters they provide, so you can tailor your job hunt to specific criteria, such as industry preferences, desired locations, or certain job types.

Written by Inspiring Interns. Inspiring Interns is the first recruitment company to use the innovative technique of video CVs to place young jobseekers into employment. Since their founding in 2009, they have placed over 7,500 graduates into the workplace, as well as providing useful advice for recent graduates and employers.