Working part-time: Paula Adodo

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Full name: Paula Adodo

Degree title: Medicine

Year of study: Second year

Organisation name: Aston Medical School (AMS)

Job title: Mentor and Ambassador

What does a typical day in your part-time job look like?

When I am working on a Saturday, I start my shift at 8am most times and end at 5pm. I really enjoy the job because it involves communicating with students during interviews for upcoming medical students and getting to help with the organisation of the event. I mostly work during weekends for my ambassador role.

Furthermore, my mentoring job at AMS is often on Wednesday, because that’s usually my half day for my studies so it gives me room to do what I like. Mentoring starts from 4pm and ends by 5pm, during which I teach students chemistry to assist with their academic studies.

Has coronavirus and the subsequent lockdown affected your role at all?

Yes, coronavirus has affected most things in the world today including my job. The organisation I work for has adapted to doing online virtual open days for students and online mentoring for students. This involves using different apps such as Microsoft Teams live, Pubble room chat and even Zoom for special training and events, so yes, I have been working remotely and it has really been organised so far. This has really advanced my flexibility which opened my eyes to my strengths and interpersonal confidence.

What has been the highlight of your job so far?

My main highlight of my job is seeing that I can assist young students as a mentor in areas they need help with which makes me feel fulfilled.

What skills have you developed?

I have gradually developed my organisation, communication, confidence, flexibility, listening, problem solving and leadership skills.

Why did you decide to get a part-time job?

I decided to get a part-time job because it was an opportunity to build my CV and enhance my skills by doing what I love.

How do you juggle working and studying?

At first it was difficult given the course I do however, after finding my balance it became easy. Medicine is a course that requires great commitments so therefore, I mostly do my schoolwork when I get back from uni at 5pm most times, then rest a bit and do my reading from 8pm until 12am before sleeping. Thus, I try my best to balance my academic and my work life.

How have the skills and experience you’ve gained from your part-time job helped you in other areas of your life?

The skills I have gained from my part-time job have been and are still very useful in every day of my life, especially on placement. They have helped me better my communication and confidence levels while speaking with patients at GP practices and even when communicating with people daily.

What advice would you give to other students thinking about or looking for a part-time job?

I would say find your balance and know what suits you best both academically and socially because they too are important. Also, do not be scared to leave your comfort zone.

What are your plans for the future?

To start working in a hospital as an F1 doctor and later start my training in a speciality I am interested in.