Working part-time: Lili Szabados

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Full name: Lili Szabados

Degree title:
BSc Hons Business and International Relations

Year of graduation:

Organisation name: Deloitte UK

Job title:
Deloitte Campus Ambassador

What does a typical day in your part-time job look like?

I did not really have a typical working day as the role was extremely varied. As a Campus Ambassador, it was my responsibility to represent Deloitte during on-campus events such as Deloitte events and career fairs, while also reaching students via social media. Also, I was expected to reach students by holding lecture shout-outs. Lecturers at Aston University were extremely supportive and sometimes they offered more than one lecture where I could introduce Deloitte and the student roles that were open.

Did coronavirus and the subsequent lockdown affect your role at all?

Not really, as my job also included some remote jobs such as social media promotion which was a great opportunity for me to keep my role during the pandemic until my contract ended.

What was the highlight of your job?

During on-campus events, I was amazed by how nice Deloitte people are and the different backgrounds they all represent. I have met graduate students and senior managers who were all supportive and shared their experiences with me, including applications, job roles and the industry.

What skills have you developed?

Because the role was varied, I had the opportunity to improve several skills. To start with, communication skills played a key role during my job, including public speaking, persuasive communication, professional communication and presentation. Secondly, I have also improved my marketing skills by keeping an eye on competitor events and representing the company at the university career fair. And finally, I had the opportunity to complete KPI reports and monthly reports which provided me to chance to improve my reporting skills regularly.

Why did you decide to get a part-time job?

Having at least one part-time job during university studies is really beneficial. I have gained work experience in a professional environment, which has improved my employability.

How have the skills and experience you’ve gained from your part-time job helped you in other areas of your life?

Thanks to this job, I have realised that I am highly passionate about Branding and Sales and this is the area which I would like to work in after graduation. Also, I have managed to secure two other part-time jobs which were a huge financial support throughout the academic year as an international student.

What advice would you give to other students thinking about or looking for a part-time job?

If they would like to get a job, it is worth applying early and speaking with someone from the company or someone who is doing a similar role. I asked previous Campus Ambassadors about their responsibilities before I sent off my application. It was also a huge help to consider if I was suitable for the role and if yes, what company I would like to represent on campus.

This summer, I have also received some messages via LinkedIn from students interested in Deloitte Campus Ambassador role for the next academic year and I was also happy to answer all of their questions.

What are your plans for when you finish your degree?

I am planning to go abroad after finishing my degree and work in the field of Marketing or Sales.