Why I’m opting to do a postgraduate degree

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As a final year university student, you may either be thinking “I’m so done with education – I want money” or “I’m a huge bookworm and crave learning more”. As you’re reading this, you’re probably leaning more the latter like I am. Studying Business has allowed me to explore many different functional areas of an organisation and specialise in the fields I find interesting. But because of the flexibility of this, I became lost in what I actually knew. That’s when I started considering postgraduate study.

Here are a few questions I asked myself before applying for courses:

What are the benefits of doing postgraduate study?

Aside from the idea of delaying the “real world” for another year, I want to delve deeper beyond the fundamentals. Doing a postgrad degree will allow me to have a deeper understanding of my field, which will provide me with the confidence to pursue a career in analytics with ease.

How do I know what course is for me?

During my time at Aston, I’ve developed a strong passion for analytics and data. A bit geeky I know, but this interest motivated me to apply for a Master’s in Business Analytics.

When looking at what the perfect course is for you, I would encourage you to ask yourself these questions: What’s my passion? What keeps me up at night? What’s something I can’t shut up about in conversation? A Master’s degree in my eyes is a passion project so if you have a subject in mind when answering those questions, pursue it!

Where should I study?

Personally, I want to study back home. Certain factors that come to mind when weighing up your options include accommodation, living cost and quality of life. Seeing as the cost for an MSc is the price of an arm and a leg, staying at home to save a few pennies doesn’t sound like a bad idea! 

The road to education doesn’t have to end with a Bachelor’s degree. If you have a strong interest in something and want to learn more about it, I highly recommend you consider studying a postgrad degree!

Written by Saif Widyatmoko

Careers+Placements Associate

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