Where to look for placement opportunities

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Finding a placement right now may not be as easy as it was a few months ago. We wish it wasn’t the case, but it is. However, the good news is there are still companies who are recruiting – they’re just doing it virtually. So you can get a placement. You can. Even you, Dave. 

Not to sound like a bunch of cheeseballs, but your placement search starts with a positive attitude. Best case scenario is you get a placement – give yourself a fighting chance and believe in the best case scenario. 

And if you get one, you’re going to really benefit from the experience that a placement will bring you. We don’t need to keep telling you how much a placement year can change your life, odds are you already know that. Although a quick recap if you missed it: a competitive edge when you graduate, a professional network of contacts, the chance to develop professional and soft skills, the opportunity to work/live somewhere else… we could go on. 

Anyway, we know some of you are struggling to know where to look, so here’s our advice in a handy little list for you. We hope it’s helpful! 

EDT’s Year in Industry (YINI)
Our friends at YINI got in touch this week to let us know that they are still recruiting for 2020/21 placements. They have placement opportunities in business, finance, marketing, electronic/electrical and mechanical engineering, computer networking, and physics. Register here

Make use of personal contacts
If you or your family know someone who works in the industry you’d like some experience in, or someone you know offers placement schemes, get in touch with them. It’s absolutely fine to secure a placement through someone you know. 

LinkedIn is a great place to look for roles. Give your profile a polish (tips for that here), and get searching for placement roles all over the world. 

Placer is a free app you can use to search for placement opportunities. Simply set up a profile, and start your search. You can download it on Google Play or the App Store.

Speculative applications
Sometimes some of the best opportunities come from speculative applications. Do some research into organisations in the industry you’re interested in working in, and consider reaching out with your CV and cover letter to see if they have any roles. For help with how to do this, book a virtual appointment with one of the Placement Coordinators – they’d be happy to talk you through it!

If you’re in the world of STEM, Gradcracker is a great site for you to explore. When we checked earlier today, there were 323 placement opportunities listed. Find out more

RateMyPlacement also has a number of placement vacancies, including listings from Aldi, BAE Systems, Cummins, The Intern Group, and City Year.  

Aston Futures
Search through our very own Aston Futures. We’re updating it every day, and as of this morning there are 291 placement opportunities across loads of different sectors, so have a look and see if there’s something on there that suits you. If you haven’t used Aston Futures before, just log in using your usual student login details, answer a few questions, and get searching. 

Tech Internships Abroad
We work closely with Tech Internships Abroad, and they’re another great place to look for placement roles if you’re hoping to go overseas. Find out more.

TARGETjobs is a leading recruitment website offering a variety of internships. Check it out here

We hope this has given you some ideas for your placement search. Do keep in touch with the Placement Coordinators – we will be your biggest cheerleaders and help you through this. You are not on your own. Find out how to access Careers+Placements virtually, here.

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