Ways to maximise productivity over the holidays

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Whilst the festive break from university should involve eating your body weight in mince pies and chocolate, and consuming all of the mulled beverages, it is also a great time to get productive and tackle some of those tasks that have been thrown to the bottom of the pile during term. You might be sat there puzzled, thinking “but I’ve handed all my assignments in?”however there are other areas you should aim to dedicate time to before a whole bunch of new modules are sprung upon you.

Since the university holidays provide a nice, long break, it is the perfect opportunity to consider gaining some valuable work experience that will not only greatly enhance your CV to employers, but additionally provide you with some new skills and learnings to take forward into your future terms of university.

While a lot of companies may not be directly advertising these positions, be sure to send out emails to any companies you are interested in undertaking work experience for to see what they can offer you. Remember, an enthusiastic applicant is more likely to be a successful applicant.

Since not everybody is lucky enough to escape the clutches of the dreaded January exams, and revision for these will be your priority, perhaps consider giving your CV a revamp as a revision break. Whether this be finding a new, funky template to make your CV stand out to employers, or even getting around to adding in all the relevant experiences you’ve had since that first part-time job in Year 11. Making sure you have a finished, professional CV ready to go whenever you may need it lifts a weight off your shoulders and is an excellent way to spend breaks from revision productively.

If you don’t feel ready to begin writing a CV because you’re unsure on what you want your career to look like yet, don’t worry. Dedicate some time throughout the holidays to browse various placement and graduate jobs, thoroughly reading the job descriptions to get a feel for the different roles out there. This is a great way to explore your options and get an idea of which industries or positions particularly spark your interest. You’ll feel much more informed come next term, giving you the perfect chance to book an appointment with a Careers Consultant to discuss your options and get cracking with your CV.

Giving these productive ideas a go will leave you feeling accomplished over the Christmas period, but don’t forget to also leave plenty of time to unwind, refresh and enjoy yourself before second term comes around.

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