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Before starting my 12 month placement, I was told by other placement students that the time goes pretty quick!

Although I was not expecting it to fly by like it has, here I am nearly half way through my placement thinking what have I done in these past 6 months? Time flies when you are having fun..

Although the time goes so quick and the 9-5 work schedule does not always give enough extra time to enjoy on a week day, I have tried to make the most of my weekends.

After my hiking trip to Norway, I managed to pay Italy a visit. I managed to pay a visit to Venice and Rome in 3 days!! Yes, Italy is huge and visiting 2 cities of this kind in 3 days was a brave move. Each day involved around 20km of walking, which was actually very enjoyable with all the historic buildings and sights in front of me. Venice had surprised me with the narrow little streets everywhere, more than with its heritage- city based on hundreds of islands. It was so easy to lose a sense of direction since all the little streets are surrounded by cannels, bridges and gondolas that look the same!

Rome was another surprising experience, mainly due to its historical background and so many sights to see. With the luck of finding a good value place just by the Vatican City was another win for the journey! Here are a few pictures!





So far I have also managed to do a bit of work related travelling. My very first trip to Ireland (Belfast) was successful, which was a couple of weeks ago. I was given a tour of the city followed by a welcoming meeting afterwards, with an outcome of landing a marketing project to co-ordinate!

So things are getting pretty busy towards December, whether you are in your first, second, placement or final year! With Christmas approaching rapidly and deadlines coming around even faster it is a busy period for everybody. It is that festive season where procrastination is at its highest (especially when there is a German Market 10mins away from campus), but I wish you luck and courage for those on placement search and good luck to everyone else with exams and coursework. 😊

P.S. talking of festiveness – here’s some inspiration for the Christmas spirit from London!



















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