That’s what I go to work for!

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It’s not just the beautiful views from driving to work on a morning…





or the breathtaking sunsets on the way home..



It’s actually the topic of my research project (almost)… all the hilarious things the kids say to me throughout the day, so here’s a few of my favourites so far! You’ve got to love ESL students!

On Christmas:

“Santa’s not real but I’m still on the naughty list”

On anti-bullying week:

“My auntie is not called bullying?”

“So you want us to bully more?”

“I’m sorry I bit you but you did try to hug me”

On animals:

“It is as easy as a fish”

“Does David Attenborough speak rhino?”

“Do all rabbits eat meat?”

“Do camels have feathers?”

On age:

“You can’t be my friend because I’m 8 and you’re 51” (Note: the accused 51 year old was 20).

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