Still haven’t secured a placement? This time 12 months ago, I hadn’t either!

Megan WilliamsMegan Williams, Second Year, UK Placements

Still haven’t secured a placement? I know exactly how you are feeling. This time 12 months ago I had not secured a placement, yet here I am going into final year having completed my placement year.

My Placement Journey

Putting a pause on my placement journey allowed me to fully focus on my exams. But once exam season was over and I realised that all my friends had secured a placement the panic really started to set in. As my placement year was optional I had two options; 1) look for a placement, or 2) enjoy the summer and go straight into final year.

I could have easily chosen option 2, go on holiday and enjoy the summer… heaven. But where was this going to get me? At this point I knew I needed help so turned to the Placement Team.

No Fear… the Placements Team are here!
As soon as I engaged with the Placements Team everything seemed to go a thousand miles per hour. Before I knew it I had secured a face-to-face interview. My placement coordinator offered me the opportunity to meet with her to do a mock interview. Straight away I thought “nope, cba for that.” But then I took a second and realised that not engaging with the services available clearly hadn’t worked for me before so, I booked in for a mock interview.
Preparation before an interview is vital and I believe that this is where I was previously going wrong. The mock interview allowed me to prepare my answers and made me realise my previous interview technique needed a bit of TLC. During the mock interview my placement coordinator asked me popular interview questions, she would then listen to my answer, give advice and ask me the same question again. This allowed me to reflect on the structure of my questions and also my word choice. And… here I am!

I was interviewed later that week for the role and able to take the skills and knowledge from my mock interview and SMASH the real interview! It is highly unlikely that you will be successful in an interview without preparing; research the company, look into the role, prepare questions/answers and get your outfit ready! The Placements Team are there to help so engage with them, use their wisdom and utilise the services they have available.