Some tips to be a good employee during your placement

AmritashAmritash Lahiri, On Placement, Second Year, UK Placements

While most of us would like to be recognised as a good employee, we must understand that it is not just talent and hard work that matters. It is also essential to be professional, have the capability to work as a team and remain positive. I feel that every placement student should try to develop the following traits in order to be appreciated as a useful employee.

Take pride in your work: We must all realise that simply doing our job is not enough. It is important to do our job to the best of our ability and to take pride in what we do.

Be professional: In the workplace, it is important to remain focused and demonstrate your sincerity in accomplishing the task. Besides dressing formally, it is necessary to remain tactful and courteous at all times.

Remain positive: Remaining positive is very important, particularly in stressful situations which could arise when dealing with difficult colleagues and customers. However, it is also necessary to draw our boundaries. Being too cheerful may lead us to not be taken seriously while being too serious may deter others from approaching us.

Be a team player: Being a team player is absolutely essential for succeeding in the workplace. Aligning well with team goals not only helps the team to be successful but leads to organisational success as well. At the same time, it is also important to take initiative as an individual by suggesting better ways to accomplish the job, and therefore, help the team further.

Accept feedback positively: At the workplace, it is important to understand the expectations of our supervisor. While we may not need to be their friend, we must learn to accept their feedback gracefully. Feedback in the form of criticism can be hard to accept but, it is important to understand that negative feedback is not meant to belittle your effort, but instead help you perform your job better.

Develop your interpersonal skills: Having good interpersonal skills is a great way to make work life less stressful and make tasks easier to accomplish. Working life requires teamwork, which works more efficiently when we have good relations with colleagues. Also, it makes collaborating with other teams easier and helps everybody to focus on the task at hand and accomplish the goals of the organisation.

To conclude, we all work to the best of our capability to achieve job satisfaction. In this process, it is important to ask questions whenever in doubt because we are new to the organisation and its processes.