Social Media Marketing – A day in the life


The weather is cold and snowy outside… So here is a bit of winter warmer, an overview from one of my typical working days of a summer in Germany.

7:30 – Monday morning, Wake up time. View out my window is the picturesque city of Konstanz, Germany. Getting dressed is super easy as there is no formal dress code at work- think Google style offices and company culture (we even have beanbags)  Right jeans and a t-shirt it is then!

8.20  – Time to leave for work. Ill grab a croissant at one of the many many bakeries in the city centre. Konstanz is situated right on lake Bodensee ( a holiday destination) so the summer bike ride to work along the lake is beautiful. It usually takes me about 20 minutes to bike over the border to Switzerland where the offices are located.

8.40 – I arrive at work. Grab myself a tea and head into the office (the sun is rising over the alps – well that’s not a bad view). I head to the office with some of the other interns as well as the rest of the international department.

9.00 – Time for today’s first meeting. Where we plan as a team the upcoming content for social media. We prep the upcoming schedule and analyse any new trends etc.

10.00 – I can then begin to create the social media content, interns get A LOT of responsibly for their markets (myself being responsible for the UK) so you get the opportunity to be creative.

12.00 – Lunch time! There are 2 huge kitchens and an outdoor balcony here so today we are having a team BBQ. After which some of us go sunbathe by the lake or play table tennis or pool in the games room.

13.00 – 6.30 Back to work. We have an upcoming campaign running so the afternoon is full of research and meetings for it. I also have some of my regular tasks to complete. Posting on social media, reporting statistics, different CRM tasks. Additionally I am running my own project where I am responsible for optimising a section of the website. It’s always busy here and day to day my schedule differs and is filled with a range of different tasks. Creating your own plan, managing your time and prioritising has been an extremely important skill I have had to learn and learn fast.

6.30 onwards. After a very busy day of work, all the interns head down to an outdoor bar by the harbour, where we finish the evening (like most) with a very large maß of beer!

So there is a little glimpse into what a working place abroad can be like (so much more than better whether).

If you have any questions about living/working Germany, check out top my tips, blog or leave me a comment below 🙂

Hannah x