Reasons to not give up on your job search

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The search for a placement in your second year or graduate role in your final year is never is easy, particularly in the midst of a global pandemic which has caused some firms to slow down their recruitment drives as they move to virtual ways of recruiting. Nonetheless, this isn’t an excuse to give up! There are still firms recruiting and looking to take on Aston University students and graduates!

I know this to be a fact as I have just completed my final year exams, and last week I accepted a graduate role starting later this year. This comes after writing and submitting around 40 job applications in total, completing several rounds of psychometric testing and online interviews, and physically attending a vast number of assessment days.

Signing my graduate job contract certainly made all those late nights writing cover letters and early mornings travelling to assessments across the country worth it – and that’s why you should not give up on your searches!

Yes, job and placement searching can be exhausting and sometimes quite disheartening, however, it is important to remember the following things:

  • The right job for you is out there! There are so many opportunities that are available to Aston students. It is never too late to find your perfect job match, and with a little perseverance, the right job or placement will come your way eventually!
  • It is important to stay positive. Approaching each stage of an application process with a positive attitude will increase your chances of impressing an employer. Although unsuccessful job applications can be discouraging, try to view it in a positive light as an opportunity to learn and gain experience for a future application.
  • The Careers+Placements team are there to help you. The team can help at any point of your placement or grad role search, whether that be exploring career options or perfecting your interview technique. From my experience, it is definitely worth reaching out to a member of the team if you’re struggling, losing patience or need a helping hand with the job search!

It goes without saying that searching for a placement or a job requires a lot of patience and perseverance – but it is in your own interest to not give up! Try to stay positive and reach out for help if you need it. Good luck with your searches!

Photo by Prateek Katyal on Unsplash

Written by Rachael Woodroffe, C+P Associate

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