Postgraduate Placement Success Story: Wafa Alosimi

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Wafa is studying MSc Business and Management here at Aston. She also recently secured a postgraduate placement with Vitabonna Development. Congratulations, Wafa! We asked Wafa to tell us a bit more about the role and how she remained motivated during the search.

What role have you secured and with which organisation?
Business Strategist and Development Analyst with Vitabonna Development

How did you find this placement?
What gives Aston University the distinctive edge I believe among other universities is how much they care about the student and the full support that is given to us. I was able to secure this internship through the email was sent to us from Careers and Placements and I do really appreciate the full convenience in registering and seeing the listed opportunities for all students.

How long did it take you to find your placement?
I was able to secure this internship at the start of term 2. I made several applications and I had this as my first option.

How did you stay motivated throughout the search?
That was the challenging part in term of international student competing in the overseas job market. I had several rejections as well but what keeps me moving is the belief that there is an opportunity waiting for me to be discovered and that was through the email sent by Careers and Placements.

What about this organisation or role stood out to you?
Mainly was the vision of the company to add value not only in small scale but on a regional and national level. Contributing to building and setting strategies for entrepreneurial projects was exciting for me especially as it matches my interest in the dissertation as well.

What was it like doing a virtual assessment/interview?
Luckily the interview was before the lockdown. After the pandemic, we had another meeting to adapt to the new arrangement to work from home, even if it was in a different time zone in my home country which shows me how flexible and adaptable we should be to maintain any golden opportunity.

Will you be working remotely?
Yes, it will be through phone calls with my supervisor where we set the timing on how often we should have the meetings to check the progress of the work.

What are you most looking forward to about your placement?
Knowing the new business that can be developed and the importance of networking in terms of working with an advisor to learn and share experiences.

Do you have any tips for other students currently looking for work experience or placements?
There are two main tips I would give. First, believe in your self that you have the key skills and utilise what you have learnt in your postgraduate journey. Believing in this will help you to brand yourself with the key element for success. Secondly, even if you have several rejections learn from them and never stop, every journey will have ups and downs.