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Hola chicos y chicas !!!


I hope everything is going well with your exams and essays. You can do it, if you got into Uni that means you are smart; now let’s change the subject.

So, this blogpost is not about your exams or intelligence. It’s about your placement passport, a.k.a Curriculum Vitae, your CV is what differentiates you from the other candidates (apologies for the big word).

Your placement passport, should contain all the important and relevant information about you and your academic/professional life. It can also be considered your advert or sales pitch to the company that you are applying to. Therefore, it should be perfect, flawless, picture-perfect and whatever adjective you want to use to describe it.  As a result of my placement, I have seen a lot of placement passport, which puts me in a position where I can give you valuable tips. You know when I say I’m going to give you some tips, I mean I’m about to tell you some of the horrendous things I have seen (relax, I’m not talking about you, the CVs from Aston are good).

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Tip no.1

Read the e-mails/ advise the company gives you. If they are telling you that your CV should contain certain things, then you need to make sure that it does. For example, we ask our candidates to attach a recent picture and their date of birth to the CV. You won’t believe how many CVs I receive a) without a picture, b) without their date of birth and c) with inappropriate pictures. Every time a candidate does one of those I already know that they have not red the e-mail properly, that they are lazy or that they cannot be bothered. So, guess what I do? I do the same as them, however if I was working in a big company I would ignore their application (I’m not the only one that would do this) as it would make the all process move faster.


Tip no.2

Make sure you include all of the relevant information such as work experience, education, interests and references. You might be think “That is common sense and everyone knows it” but I’m here to tell you that common sense is not that common. Sometimes I receive CVs that are like shopping lists, so I went there and I worked her and I like that. Obviously I send it back and then they have a go at me (like, I’m the good guy). Furthermore, some CVs don’t even have a description about work experience, they don’t talk about their responsibilities or the skills gained. When I see that I think, I’m a psychic and someone forgot to tell me or is my sixth sense supposed to help me. Write everything, well, almost everything (leave some info for the interviews) you want them to know about you and that you think it’ll make you stand out.


Tip no.3 (I promise I will keep this one short 😉 )

Be careful with what you write and how you write it. Once we received a CV from a guy which was describing his skills and he wrote “I’m skilful with my hands”. What is that supposed to mean?


To cut long story short, your placement passport is really important as it is the tool that will be used to decide if you deserve to go in or not.


Good Luck with the rest of your exams and hasta luego

Post Author: analndiamona

Hi my name is Ana and I'm a third year student and I study Sociology and Social Policy. I'm currently doing my placement in Spain, where I work for an agency called Spain Internship and I'm their HR and PR Intern.