My virtual search for a grad job

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During this time of change and adaptation in many parts of our lives, my graduate job search has been one of my main concerns. It can be difficult to comprehend the new virtual search and recruitment process. However, now the summer assessments are coming to an end, and we’re all getting used to this ‘new normal’, I have been able to dedicate more time to my virtual job search.

My first point of call was the Aston Futures website where I was really pleased to see there was still a variety of events available to attend from the comfort of my own sofa (or bed if I’m feeling really lazy!). There’s a plethora of sessions to get involved in such as virtual job fairs, CV and cover letter writing sessions, and webinars talking about the new job market we will be entering. I’ve signed up to a few of these and already feel more relaxed to know the information and support is still there, as well as having slots booked in to help me structure my job search.

I have also found LinkedIn to be a really useful tool at the moment. It has been helpful to search for companies to make speculative applications for experience or even potential positions. My placement wasn’t in the field that I have decided I want to go into and so finding some relevant work experience would be beneficial to make me more employable. I’ve made a spreadsheet of companies and the appropriate people to contact for potential opportunities. My thinking is, the worst that could happen is they can’t offer me anything, but I’ve made a new connection in the industry!

I have also been keeping my LinkedIn updated and stating my career ambitions which has led to a company contacting me about an opportunity that would really suit me. I have arranged a phone interview with them and have since been doing lots of research on the company in preparation. I have also used this platform to keep in contact with connections I made during my placement year and have asked a Recruitment Consultant I met to look over my CV and cover letters and provide me with a reference. It is important to remember that even if you decided not to go back to the company you did your placement with, the connections you made could be really useful for your job search so don’t be afraid to reach out, most people would be flattered to be asked for advice!

It is daunting entering the job market in such a turbulent time, but what I have discovered is the support is still there if you look for it, and the help is still there if you ask for it.

Written by Libby Jones, Careers+Placements Associate