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My placement year was one of my best university experiences so far. It was my most challenging year, yet it gave me an idea of what my life could look like after university.

I worked as an Assistant Accountant at the Institution of Civil Engineers in Westminster, and my daily commute was about an hour each way. I quickly learned that the London commute was not the most ideal for me. It was long, expensive and so fast-paced. So, I tried to make the most of my time by listening to music, reading books and other things which I enjoyed. On placement, try and integrate things you love into your working day, it makes the day that bit more exciting. Just because you are working it doesn’t mean you can’t have hobbies.

One of my biggest fears was settling in but it happened a lot quicker and easier than I expected. Firstly, your manager and colleagues don’t expect you to know everything as you’re only a student, so always ask questions and for help when needed. Your colleagues were where you are once, so they can help you the most. Also, get to know them and find out more about their career and personal lives, you can gain some of the best advice just by asking them about themselves.

Lastly, always remember that no experience is wasted even if you don’t like it. It will help you to figure out what is best for you so make good use of all opportunities and try lots of new things.


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