My tips for revising over the Christmas period

Guest BloggerFirst Year, On Placement, Second Year

With Christmas just around the corner, distraction from exam revision is at its peak. It can be difficult to keep focused on university when you have numerous opportunities to eat mince pies and watch Home Alone. However, if you want to avoid panicked revision-cramming in January, take note of my three top tips:

1) Work little and often. If you don’t work well doing prolonged periods of intense revision (like me) then it may be easier for you to do more frequent but shorter bursts of revision. It always helps to have a revision schedule, this means you can make sure you have enough time for revision and enough time for fun. If you find your revision is becoming dull, spice it up a bit! Add a splash of colour, make posters, note summaries and flash-cards.

2) Treat yourself. Use a reward system to keep up your motivation. After each successful revision session, take advantage of the Christmas season and treat yourself to something nice and festive (like a mince pie!) as an incentive to do your work each day.

3) Don’t over-do it! Make sure you take regular breaks to avoid unnecessary stress and tiredness. A change of scenery may help, or even a trip to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. Exercise is also a great way of taking a break from work, as it is associated with improved well-being and academic performance (…it will also help burn off some of those mince pies).

If you keep your revision organised, it will not be an obstruction to your Christmas festivities. There will be plenty of time for friends, family and parties. Try your best to keep on top of your work daily, and make sure you also take time to relax!

Sally, Final Year C+P Associate