My advice for finding a placement in Term 2

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Second semester has arrived, and whilst many of you have managed to secure your placements (congratulations!) many of you are probably still searching. Balancing placement search with second year assignments and studies can be stressful, so here is some advice.

Firstly, try not to panic too much. During my second year, at this point, I was without a placement. I was uncertain as to what I wanted to do and beginning to panic about my options, and I was still not sure what I wanted to undertake.

My first point of advice is remember your placement does not have to relate to your degree nor your future career choices! So allow yourself to search and research a range of options that. Don’t limit your search to only one region, there are so many opportunities outside of your local areas as well as internationally so don’t be afraid to experiment. If you’re concerned about the money side of moving further afield, make sure you talk to someone at the university to see what finance options are available (especially if your placement is unpaid!).

If you’ve already secured your placement congratulations! My main advice now, is to take your time to research accommodation, look deeper into the company and explore what new experiences your placement year will bring to you!

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