Student Bloggers

Hi everyone! My name is Bolanle.

I am a BSc Psychology student who recently just finished working as a research assistant for a study looking at staff wellbeing in paediatric intensive care units for my placement year.

Although I worked remotely, my placement was such an enjoyable experience and allowed me to gain insight into what it’s like working in the field of psychological research. I will be sharing more about my university and placement experience as well as some useful tips I have learned along the way. I hope you enjoy reading my posts and hopefully find them beneficial!

    Hi Everyone!

    My name is Ria, I’m in my Second Year studying BSc Human Resources and Business Management. This year I am going to be applying for placements for the coming year.

    I will be sharing my experience of my first year as a student at Aston University (during online studies), how I stayed motivated and worked towards my goals. I will be also sharing my Second Year journey and showing you what I did and will be doing to prepare myself for this coming year. I’ll also give you more information about different work experience opportunities available for you to explore; even if you are not living in the UK,  and will share more tips for virtual possibilities.

      My name is Shamia Khalis and I am studying BSc Politics & Economics.

      My degree consists of a placement year which I currently am on and fortunately have found an opportunity to be an assistant accountant, which will aid in my future long-term career plan of becoming a chartered accountant.

        Hi everyone! My name is Maheen, and I study International Business and Management. I am currently on my placement year, doing a study abroad placement in Vienna – (WU Vienna University of Economics and Business).

        My experience studying in a foreign country so far has been extremely enjoyable. It has helped me increase my cultural competence in both Austrian culture and the German language. I will share my experiences and key tips when moving abroad, which I hope will be beneficial to those planning to do so as well.

          Hi everyone! My name is Hassan.

          I am a final year BSc Business and Management student.

          I completed my placement with the Careers and Placements department as a Marketing Assistant. I supported the department with the creation and distribution of marketing content – including copywriting for the department.

          Although I undertook my work placement remotely, this experience has allowed me to grow and develop my competency skills for the future.

          This year, I will be giving you more information on what to expect from the final year of university. I will share tips (from my experience) on how to better manage your schedule so you can find the perfect harmony when it comes to preparing for assessments. I hope you enjoy reading my blogs. Feel free to read my previous blogs! Good luck!

          Hi everyone!

          My name is Alba, I am a final year Business and Maths student looking to secure a graduate scheme next year.

          I did a remote placement in 2020-2021, which was such an enriching experience, and this year I’ll be joining the squad of bloggers to share the tips that I’ve learned throughout my placement and graduate job searches. I hope you find my posts useful and that they help you handle your job search more smoothly!

          Staff Bloggers

          Abby Sweeting burst onto the marketing scene twelve years ago when she was marketing shows and performances for her university dance club. Since then, she’s gone on to work in events, marketing and PR roles in a range of industries including third sector, retail, tourism, hospitality, and most recently, higher education. She’s also dabbled in a bit of agency marketing! Her special skills include copywriting, event management, and making fajitas. When she’s not working, you’ll find her writing, drinking oat flat whites, and dancing in her kitchen.

          Jodie Carpenter has been in love with words her whole life, so a career in marketing was always going to be a natural fit for her. She worked in a variety of different places before settling at Aston including a law library, a children’s hospital, a PR & media company and a private school. She currently works as a Student Engagement Officer in the Careers and Placements marketing team where she creates content for first years, final years and postgraduates – often with an oat milk chai latte to hand. Outside of work, she spends her time reading and writing YA fiction, gaming and watching anime.

          Sarah Collins is our Postgraduate Business Development Manager in the Careers and Placements team. She spends most of her work time talking to businesses and local business networks about our amazing Aston students (yes that’s you!), listening to their business needs and goals, then helping them to scope out new work experience/ placement/ graduate opportunities that work for the business and for you! Building relationships with businesses and hearing about the amazing work students do for them is what Sarah finds most rewarding. She has a background in business growth support and has worked in a variety of sectors such as Education, Travel & Tourism, Renewable Energy – although she’s helped support businesses/organisations from all sectors including Finance, Engineering, Consultancy, Non-Profit…think of a sector and she’ll have an example!

          While mainly business-facing, Sarah also gets involved with some of the Postgraduate student sessions, has a dabble with marketing and organises a variety of events aimed primarily at Postgraduate students. In her spare time she loves to travel, read – especially old Sci-Fi writers like Issac Asimov – and get involved with local networks. For example, she leads a mentoring programme that supports students from any Birmingham based University to get a professional local mentor.

          Guest Bloggers

          We have a number of guest-written blog posts from students, graduates, employers and staff members. These one-off pieces are a great source of information and advice for students looking for support with their employability.