Hi everyone! I’m Afiyah Nadeem.

Outside of univeristy I’m the personal/lifestyle blogger behind WhenLifeAwakens.

I’m currently studying BSc Psychology with Honours at Aston University and will be working with the NHS Forward Thinking programme as an assistant psychologist during my placement year.

I’m looking forward to publishing posts about my experiences, some useful advice and lessons I’ve learnt throughout my journey.

Hope you enjoy reading!!




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Hi, my name is Bilal Qadoos.

I’m a Chemical Engineering student at Aston University. Currently, I’m on an industrial placement at Cadent Gas Network.

Since starting my placement, I have seen huge improvements in my development. This has really helped my confidence and has enhanced my problem solving skills, something which is vital in my chosen career. 

Going to university has been one of the best decisions in my life and helped change my life around completely.



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Hi everyone, I’m Katie!

I study Psychology and Sociology at Aston and am currently on my placement as a ‘Marketing and Market Research Assistant’ at Research by Design in Birmingham.

My role involves looking after their social media platforms, website and blog as well as assisting on all the different research projects happening. I love how varied the work is there, two days are never the same which keeps it all really interesting. I also really enjoy creating the online content and experimenting to see what works most effectively.



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Hey! My name is Megan Williams and I am an English Language student, currently undertaking my placement year at The JobShop here at Aston University.

My role within The JobShop is to market the volunteering sector to students and to promote the massive benefits students gain through volunteering with UK Registered Charities.





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Hi guys, my name is Harjap Bassi.

I am currently in my final year studying Sociology, which means I have a compulsory dissertation to do – so i’m feeling scared and excited at the same time! This my last year at university (unless I decide in the future to do masters) so I will be making the most of last moments I have as a student 😞. I will be blogging throughout final year sharing my experiences, advice and what I get up to you – so stay tuned!



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Hello everyone! I’m Nakai.

I am a third year student at Aston University studying Accounting for Management. Luckily for me, for the next year I’ll be studying almost anything and everything I want to in the sunny Spanish Capital; Madrid! I’ll be sharing all the highs and lows throughout my study abroad as well as any tips and advice I can offer to anyone thinking of undertaking such a placement. Stay tuned 🙂






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Hello there!

My name is Ruth, I study International Business and Management; with Mandarin (Chinese) at the City University of Hong Kong.

I’ve focused my learning on the influence of the globalized market on businesses.

Though this experience is extremely daunting it is also one of the BEST decisions I’ve made thus far!

My blog will include tips, tricks, and hacks on how to manage your study placement abroad, with beautiful authentic pictures of Hong Kong. So, stay tuned…




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My name is Amritash Lahiri and I am a BSc Business and Management Student at Aston University. Currently, I am on Placement in the HR Department of Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust.

My role is to provide support to the Workforce and Workforce Information Team for delivery of HR functions and services.

My motto in life is, “Never give up!!!”.




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Hey everyone!

I’m Aaisha, an English Language student who is currently completing a placement at Aston University. I am working in the Development and Alumni Relations office as an Alumni Relations assistant. My role consists of improving data quality and working with students and young alumni to keep them connected with Aston.

I hope to give you some useful advice and share my placement journey with you through my blog posts. Happy reading! 




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Hello Everyone, my name is Haroon Ahmed.

I am a 3rd year student at Aston University studying Business & Management.

Currently on my placement year, I’m now doing a year exchange at ESSEC Business School in Paris, France.

Although I would’ve never initially never considered doing a study abroad placement and was very nervous in doing so, it’s now an opportunity that I’m extremely grateful for.

In my blog I’ll be keeping you up to date with my studies and adventures while out here and hopefully show you why studying abroad is an exceptional opportunity to take for your placement year.

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Hello everyone!  My name is Sreena Nadarajan.

I am a third year Politics and International Relations undergraduate, who is currently undergoing my placement year.  

For my placement year, I am working as a Teacher at Beal High School (a high school, with an attached sixth-form).  My role consists of teaching English, Physics and History to children aged 11-16.  

My placement has been a great eye opener for me, and how life outside of University is and how it works.

I will be sharing my experiences, advice and tips throughout my placement year.

Stay tuned!

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We regularly have a number of students, staff and organisations who contribute to our blog.

Here’s where you can find all of their blog posts for you viewing pleasure! 

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