afiyah nadeem

Hi everyone! I'm Afiyah Nadeem.

Outside of univeristy I'm the personal/lifestyle blogger behind WhenLifeAwakens. I'm currently studying BSc Psychology with Honours at Aston University and have just entered my final year of study. I'm looking forward to publishing posts about my experiences, some useful advice and lessons I've learnt throughout my journey.

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Katie Oliver

Hi everyone, I'm Katie! I am currently in my final year at Aston studying Psychology and Sociology. I undertook my placement year last year with a small Market Research agency in Birmingham as a 'Marketing and Research Assistant', which I thoroughly enjoyed, and am now looking to pursue a career in Marketing post-University.

I'd love to share my placement journey and final year experiences with you all, hopefully providing some useful advice, tips and tricks to make the University road a little less bumpy.

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Aaisha Bibi

Hey everyone!

I’m Aaisha, an English Language student currently completing my final year. My university journey is coming to an end and I have definitely learnt a lot from my experiences at Aston. From settling into uni to completing a placement year all the way to starting the final chapter of my education- i have done a whole bunch and hope to give you some useful advice about my life at uni. Happy reading!

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Haroon Ahmed

Hello everyone, my name is Haroon Ahmed.

I am a 3rd year student at Aston University studying Business & Management. Currently on my placement year, I’m now doing a year exchange at ESSEC Business School in Paris, France. Although I would’ve never initially never considered doing a study abroad placement and was very nervous in doing so, it’s now an opportunity that I’m extremely grateful for. In my blog I’ll be keeping you up to date with my studies and adventures while out here and hopefully show you why studying abroad is an exceptional opportunity to take for your placement year. 

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Rajveer Mahal

Hi, I'm Rajveer.

I am an ABS International Business & Economics student currently on placement doing Account Merchandising at the Nike European EMEA Headquarters in Hilversum, The Netherlands and I am currently living in Amsterdam for the duration of my placement. My role consists of building, aligning and driving Mens and Womens Nike Sportswear & Jordan Brand apparel for accounts in the UK, France, Italy and Spain. I am also involved in other projects such as weekly analysis of accounts performance and the performance of new launch products. Fashion is a huge part of my life and it is an amazing opportunity to being doing my placement in a fashion environment at the worlds leading sportswear company.

I hope to provide you with insights to living and working abroad and keep you up to date with what I am doing.  

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Hassan Khan

Hi everyone, I’m Hassan Khan.

I am a Mathematics and Economics student currently doing my placement year abroad in a multinational corporation called Alshaya, which is based in Kuwait. My role involves working closely within HR and the Change Management Office, being involved in one of the Middle East’s largest business transformations engaging with many different business areas and vendors such as IBM, JDA and Oracle. I aim to share my fascinating experiences while on this journey not only at work and what I learn but also from the culture shock and the difficulties I face while being the other side of the world!

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Amarpreet Mann

Hi everyone, I'm Amarpreet.

I am an ABS International Business & Management student currently on placement doing a Business Development and Marketing internship at Kumidas, a company which provides chemicals to the global market and I am currently living in Brussels for the duration of my placement. My role relies on my ability to build client relationships to expand our clientele portfolio as well as process orders to Pharma companies globally. I am also involved in other projects such as the development of our product catalogue and sometimes HR tasks also. 

I hope to provide you with some tips to working and living abroad and keep you up to date with my latest adventures

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Gemma Dilkes


I’m Gemma and I study BSc French and Spanish. I am currently doing my first placement in Toulouse, working for Air France as an English Language Assistant and in February I will be going to Madrid to work as a Translation Assistant at Lupicinio International Law Firm. I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts about my placement experience

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Sophie Hodgetts

Hello, I'm Sophie and a final year Marketing student at Aston. 

I have just completed my placement year at a marketing agency where I managed brand, print and digital projects for an array of fabulous clients! 

Alongside my studies, I am involved in the Marketing team at Enactus Aston, a student led society dedicated to creating a better world. Learn more about Enactus Aston and hear about our successes on the Careers+Placements blog...

Zerhjosh Guzman

Hi, I am Zerh. I’m in my final year studying Politics & Economics.

During my placement year, I was lucky enough to secure an Erasmus Programme and work in Germany. My role was in Commercial Management at Bosch. Work experience has taught me so much about professional working life, and myself.

I’m excited to continue gaining experience and sharing my journey with others.


Jim Reali is one of our friendly Careers Consultants in the C+P team. His main responsibilities include supporting undergraduate students in the Schools of ABS and EAS, supporting current postgraduate students in all schools apart from ABS and also supporting all recent postgraduate (Masters) completers and graduates for the first 18 months after they complete their course.

Jim is particularly interested in career planning and helping students and graduates to develop a clear understanding of themselves and what they wish to gain from their career goals. He is also a huge fan of LinkedIn and would like to encourage all students and graduates to use LinkedIn to network and also to see what other Aston graduates are doing. If you would like to book an appointment with Jim, please visit Aston Futures, or if you would like to speak with Jim, please email him at

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For those of you that haven’t met me, my name’s Sarah Collins and I work in the Careers+Placements team. I’m one of a team of business-facing staff, which means I spend most of my time talking to and meeting with businesses to talk about how amazing you, our students and graduates, are.

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