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This was my favourite picture of the month at Planten un Blomen

Helllooooo guys!

So much has been going downnnnn in Hamburg since May 1st; it was like 1st May just marked summer for us here. It was like event there, event here, mate I can’t complain. Anyways I’ve decided not to write too much in this post and instead have more pictures (because I’m soo lazy to write I won’t lie lol). Anyways, relax yourself and enjoy the pictures!

May – Hafen Geburtstag

One of the first events in Hamburg this may was the Hafen Geburtstag (the Birthday of the Harbour) and to celebrate it there was a festival/carnival along the Harbour, which went on for the weekend and it was unforgettable! It felt a bit like Notting Hill carnival, just smaller, along the harbor, and people were fully dressed.

It was filled with beer huts, food stands, ships, souvenir shops, clothes shops, lights, huge speakers, music stages etc. Carlos Santana performed on Friday, but I didn’t know so I missed this 🙁

(You guys: Who’s Carlos Santana? Me: The guys that sings Maria Maria! You guys: Oh yeahhhhh him)

and if after this you still don’t know………. then this is awkwarddd.

May – Food truck festival

There was a Food truck Festival (the same weekend of the Hafen Geburtstag), right on the famous Reeperbahn in St. Pauli. This was such a lovely day, the sun was shining and it was so hot!


Unfortunately I defeated the purpose of attending this festival as I didn’t get to taste anything from the food trucks BECAUSEEEEEE:

I was Hangry ˈ(Haŋɡri) adjective:

The feeling or showing strong annoyance, displeasure, or hostility because you are hungry

The lines were ending in Timbuktu, so I just had to eat elsewhere.

June – Restaurants!

I met up with a friend from church and we went to our favourite Thai restaurant Cha Cha! This Thai restaurant is just awesome! I wouldn’t say its 100% authentic but I’ll say it’s in the authenticity range of 85%-94%. When I first came here, I had low expectations because of all the fake Chinese/Thai food I had tasted so I was surprised that it was actually really nice. Below is what I’ve ordered whenever I’ve come here.

*DISCLAIMER: Chinese/Thai food in Hamburg is not nice at all, no taste or spices and it’s actually Chinese/Thai people cooking it! But I found out from my Asian friend, that they “Europeanize” the Chinese food because in Germany the citizens prefer it this way. But on the weekends in certain restaurants at a certain time, they sell 100% authentic Chinese dishes.

DISCLAIMER: Also nothing beats Yum Yum Thai restaurant in Stoke Newington

June – Lakes & Hot weather

Last week we hit the jackpot with the weather, it hit 30 degrees! It was just epic, I felt like I was in Marrakech all I needed was a camel. My friend and I, went to the city to chill, eat, and soak up the sun!

This ice cream, was the BEST ice cream I have tasted in my life omg, I was having a mouthgasm. I got two scoops, the bottom was snickers flavor, and the top was cookies and cream! I paid €2.90 for it, which isn’t expensive (for the city), but you can get ice cream scoops cheaper out of the city.

Vapianos – I got a salad with some prawns because it was too hot for Pollo Picante

The Alster (Lake, my favourite place in Hamburg)

June – Planten un Blomen Wasserlicht Spiele

Planten un Blomen (Plants and Flowers) is a beautiful park with so many different plants and flowers (hence the name).

Starting from May till September (I think), everyday at 10pm they hold a “Wasserlicht Spiele/Konzerte” (Waterlight concert) with of course water and lights. The show lasts for 30 minutes, and for a 30 minute show, it’s just packed with beautiful lights and background music, gosh it was so beautiful!


I really hate cringing statements etc, but y’all are gonna have to forgive me when I say:

This is such a romantic place to go with BAE, the scenery and the music is almost fairy-tale like.

So cliché but so cute, anyways cringe session OVER!

Random – My staple summer drink

Somersbbrand_selector_somersby_appely Apple Cider!

This refreshingly sweet crisp drink yeah, has been there to quench my thirst always without fail! It’s actually one of the best ciders I’ve tasted. I always buy mine from Rewe Supermarket for like €1.20 or something. This is definitely a staple drink I buy when I’m out enjoying the sun!

So I hope you’ve enjoyed my May/June highlights becauseeeee that’s all folks! x

Post Author: Sarah T. AK

Sarah Temi Akinde: 20 years young. Business and Politics Undergraduate. Interning for Euler Hermes in Hamburg, as a Group HR Controller.​