Making the most out of Interview360

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Preparing for an interview is an essential step in landing your dream job. It’s a chance for you to showcase your skills, experience, and personality to potential employers. Taking the time to research the company, review the job description, and practise common interview questions can make all the difference in presenting yourself confidently and professionally. Not only will it help you feel more comfortable during the interview, but it will also demonstrate to the interviewer that you are enthusiastic and serious about the opportunity.

Don’t underestimate the importance of interview preparation and give yourself the best chance at success!

Interview360 is a fantastic tool brought to you by Careers and Placements which you as an Aston University student or graduate can access for free, it allows you to undertake interviews from different job sectors and employers to test your ability to deliver confident and appropriate answers under pressure – gaining instant tips and feedback to help you improve.

Access Interview360 and other awesome online tools here.

Let’s have a look at some ways to make the most out of Interview360:

Use the ‘AI CV Interview’

The ‘AI CV Interview’ allows you take an interview based on the actual content of your CV, you will first need to upload your to CV to CV360 (another fantastic tool) which will give you a score and feedback. The AI technology will then analyse your CV and ask questions based on what you’ve included, very similar to how an interviewer would do.

More companies are now using AI technology for their screening processes as your interview can quickly be analysed and evaluated providing the employer with valuable insights that they can use to make better hiring decisions.

Create a ‘Custom Interview’

Do you have any questions which you have been asked previously and weren’t happy with your answer? Or maybe you just took the AI CV Interview and there were questions which seemed to be harder than others. Creating a ‘Custom Interview’ allows you to build your own interview by selecting questions which you will be answering.

You can use the filter option or the search button to look for questions with specific focus, such as ‘Communication’ or a particular field like ‘Nursing‘.

Did you know you can also write out your answer? Write out your answers and get feedback based on what you have written.

Analyse your feedback

Analysing the feedback you receive on Interview360 will help you to improve your interview skills and increase your chances of success in future interviews.

Always remember to review your feedback to gain an insight into how confident you were, what kind of language you used, as well as focusing on your body language and video quality. Looking back and analysing will also allow you to identify if you’re spending too much time on one topic or not enough time on other important subjects.

Once you have looked at your feedback, book an appointment with our Careers Consultants or Placement Coordinators as they will be able to provide further support and guidance. These tools are a fantastic way to gain feedback however there isn’t a substitute for a human review so make sure you come and chat to a member of our friendly Careers and Placements team!

Look at the tips section under your score for some extra information and tips on how you can improve your interview.