Letters to myself, whilst hunting for a placement

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Dear anyone who reads this blog,

Across these pages you will find the letters I wrote about my placement journey. They are short individually but long when read all at once. There are 7 in total. So, if you only have time to read the first few sentences, I really hope that you remember the following things:

→ Prepare for placement slowly (e.g. file one application a day to make the load manageable)
→ Keep a record of all the placements you applied for. Simply, place, date and “status” is great (you may need it for one of your modules too!)
→ Wait until you get a contract of a written offer of a placement before you get excited I.e e-mails.
→ This is an exciting time, so be excited!!

The advice I would give:

Placement search can be a challenge and a test. But the determination and commitment you’ll show really does build character and says a lot about you as an individual. Make the placement search mean something and is positive for you!

It’s so competitive out there, so please don’t feel disheartened if not every response you receive contains a positive.

Careers+ Placements are a great set of people to go to when you don’t know what to do. They’re not magicians and cannot just abracadabra you into a perfect internship (they probably would if they could!), but they are amazing at preparing you to start, to have the right CV, to interview. I cannot sing the praises of my Placement Coordinator enough – this journey would not have been the same without her.

Finally, good luck along your own adventures! There’s going to be ups and downs, I’m sure but things have a strange way of working themselves out in the end – as long as you put effort in!

All the best,