Jawayriah Alvi – My Placement Story

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Name: Juwayriah Alvi

Course: Business and International Relations

Placement role: Consulting by Degrees (CbD) Attraction and Engagement Officer

Placement company: IBM

Year: 2018-2019

Please sum up your placement experience in 3 words:

Inspiring, overwhelming and fascinating

How did you secure your placement?

I applied by filling in an online application, I did a few tests, attended an assessment centre and a couple interviews later I got the job!

What was your typical day like?

No two days are ever the same. I have a range of responsibilities so depending on the day and deadline I’m working towards my day differs. At the moment a typical day consists of travelling 40 mins from my humble flat in London to IBM South Bank. I tend to scribble urgent tasks for the day on post it’s then arrange them around my desk so I can see them and bin them once completed as the day goes on. I always have a few meetings for the different projects I’m working on. This week my focus is on preparing a design thinking workshop for my team so we can review our current attraction strategy! I try to have lunch out somewhere nice at least once a week since I’m in London, who knows when I’ll get the chance to work in such a city again. I always end the day with a very scribbly to-do list so in the morning my post it exercise is super easy as I then compare my list to any email replies/ messages.

What skills did you develop from your placement?

Organisation for sure! I have lots of responsibilities so I need to ensure I keep on top of them. I’ve also developed great time management skills as I have to regularly work towards short deadlines. I have social media content creation tasks regularly which is great but means the posts must be active and fresh so I have to ensure I prioritise posts so that they don’t get old which has helped towards managing my responsibilities between tasks.

What was your favourite placement moment?

My favourite placement moment has been collating the statistics to compare the results I have delivered compared to the year prior to me taking the attraction and engagement role. It’s super inspiring to see your hard work translated into business results. Being able to see the value my attraction and engagement work has led to such as more engagement on social media, a huge spike in applications and working on a programme that worked towards winning the Target Jobs Graduate Recruiter of the Year 2019 is very rewarding!

What would you say to students considering a placement?

I would say definitely do it and do anything! Don’t limit yourself to something relating to your degree just try anything and make it count. Working full time really opens your eyes to what life after Uni is like and it’s made me appreciate Uni so much. It’s also great to get a salary for a year and lots of responsibility! It shows you what work life can be like, what you like and what you don’t which are both very important!

How has this affected your final year and future career plans?

I feel more prepared for my plans after Uni even though I’m still not 100% sure, I have a much better understanding than I would have before doing this placement. I had no idea about a career in consulting before this placement and now I can’t wait to get started and look for opportunities within consulting. It also puts into perspective how important final year is, so I know I’ll be more focused after spending this time on my placement.