How to survive your final year at university!

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You have made it this far – to the final, and possibly most challenging year of your degree!

My time at Aston came to an end this summer, after an incredible 4 years. With that in mind, here are a few of my top tips on surviving and making the most out of your final year at university.

Firstly, get organised. It goes without saying that final year is hectic. Trust me when I say that you will thank yourself for getting organised now before reading lists are released and you’re back in lectures every week. Investing in some new stationary, purchasing a 2020/21 academic diary or reorganising the folders where your lecture notes on your laptop are saved are just a couple of ways you can get ahead of the game and prepare yourself.

My next tip is to get a head start on graduate life. The reason I say this is because final year will fly by and before you know it, you’ll be ordering your graduation gown preparing for the next stage of your life! There are so many options to consider. You might take a gap year, study a masters or find a full-time job or graduate scheme.

A couple of things you could do take the stress off now, before you start back at uni, is make a list of graduate schemes for organisations that interest you (and make a note of the dates that they open!), get your CV up to scratch and updated if you’ve just finished placement, book in some postgraduate open days for later on in the year, or come up with some potential gap year plans such as volunteering or travelling! It might also be worth having a chat with someone from the Careers+Placements team. They are a huge help when it comes to all thing related to preparing for life after Aston!

And my final tip is to get thinking about what you might want to base your dissertation or final year project on. Now is a good time to do some extra reading and research around topics that interest you and really pin down what areas you’d like to explore further as part of your final year project. I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to find your dissertation topic interesting as you will be reading/writing about it a lot over the next year – the last thing you want is to be writing 10,000 words on something that’s boring!

Best of luck with your final year. Be sure to make the most of it!

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Written by Rachael Woodroffe

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