How to stay productive this summer

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As summer has arrived, many university students will often find themselves with more free time. If you are looking for ways to stay productive during the summer holidays, here are a few recommendations listed below.

  • Internships: Internships will offer you a learning opportunity which may provide you with a door to further opportunities. As a new intern at any company, there are many things that you won’t know. Be sure to observe, ask questions and take risks to make the most out of your internship.

  • Volunteer: Are you passionate? Do you want to make a difference? Would you like to give back to the community? If so, why not volunteer? Volunteering is a reciprocal act. Not only will your voluntary work help an organisation/charity, it will also help you expand your network, enable you to engage in a shared responsibility and allow you to take a step outside of your comfort zone, all which will add to your personal development.

  • Learn a new skill : Summer is the perfect time to learn a new skill before you return to your academics or working life. From learning a new language to learning a new instrument, learning a new skill will allow you to become more disciplined, will strengthen your cognitive skills and will boost your confidence.

Besides those that I have listed, there are many alternative ways that you can keep yourself productive this summer. Not only will staying productive boost your energy levels, it will also keep you motivated, so be sure to test these recommendations out!

Written by Sonali