How to manage your time in the workplace

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Managing time in the workplace can initially be super stressful! Although you may have experience working under time constraints in part-time jobs, the pressure to adhere to time restraints and produce high quality work during placement can be very daunting. During my placement at Abbott, I was often given several projects to work on at the same time, alongside additional tasks popping up throughout the day from other team members. Here’s how I managed my time effectively:

  • To-do lists, everywhere! My top tip would be to create a to-do list every morning of what you’d like to achieve that day and then another to-do list last thing on Friday for the following week. Tick off as you go…
  • Sticky notes – I’d often write on sticky notes little jobs that got given to me throughout the day and throw them in the bin once they’re completed. I’d also note down important things on the Microsoft sticky note application (my hero).
  • Meetings and phone calls – don’t try to remember them all, it’s not worth potentially forgetting them. I always added reminders on my outlook to pop up on my screen 1 hour-15 minutes before important tasks.
  • Keep your manager in the loop, let them know what you’re up to and what you’ve got planned.
  • Don’t take on too much. If you already have a lot to do, don’t stress yourself out by taking on even more. Employers know you’re training and it’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help from time to time, it shows you want to learn and that you care about your work. That’s something my manager always reminded me!

Finally, at the end of the working day…go home and relax knowing you’ve already prioritised your work for the following week! 

Blog post by Lara Merry