How to make the most of the year once you’ve finished your placement

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If your placement is coming to an end and you’ve got some time before final year starts, you might be wondering what you’re going to do with the coming days, weeks and months. Especially since we’re pretty limited in what we can do at the moment.

Here are a few ideas for you to help you make the most of your time this year!

Work Ready Virtual Experience with Rate My Placement
The team at Rate My Placement has launched a virtual work experience programme in partnership with Inside Sherpa. This online programme covers a range of topics designed to help you transition effectively into the world of work, including wellbeing and resilience, virtual first impressions, and virtual networking. The programme is self-paced meaning you can do it in your own time, you’ll get a certificate on completion, and it’s a little something extra for your CV and LinkedIn profile.
Register here.

Find virtual internships
Virtual internships have been growing in popularity, and an increasing number of organisations are now offering them. We’ve written a blog post listing a bunch of places where you can look for these opportunities.
Read here.

Take a course with Google Digital Garage
Through Google Digital Garage, you can choose a skill, create a learning plan, and receive an accredited certificate to boost your CV and LinkedIn profile. Courses are available in three categories:  data and tech, digital marketing, and career development.  
Find out more.

Free courses with the Institute of Coding

There are a few free coding courses you could take advantage of with the Institute of Coding. Here’s a quick look at some of the courses available:

  • Introduction to Indie Games
  • Create Expressive Video Games
  • Create Accessible Interfaces
  • Design a Feminist Chatbot
  • Introduction to Creative AI

Find out more.

If you have a disability, read this advice from MyPlus Students’ Club
MyPlus Students’ Club, who offer advice and support to students with disabilities, have written a useful article sharing some things you can do to make job-hunting easier. Spend some time this year putting their ideas into practise, and you’ll be in a stronger position when you graduate.           
Read here.

Sign up to events on Aston Futures
Don’t forget, whilst you’re technically away from Aston on placement, you can still access our services and attend our events! All of our events get added to Aston Futures. Browse the event calendar to see if there’s anything that interests you, and book your spot. Events include industry insight webinars, career workshops, employer presentations, skills workshops and more.
Check out Aston Futures.

Update your CV and get instant feedback on Cv360
While it’s fresh in your mind, make sure you add your placement experience to your CV. Include the details of your role, as well as  your key achievements. As Aston students, you have free access to CV360, an online feedback tool. Upload your CV and get instant feedback specific to you.
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Practise video interviewing
Video interviewing is on the rise, and it can be a daunting part of the recruitment process! LaunchPad is free to use for Aston students, and it’s a great tool for practising your video interview skills. Take part in mock interviews and get an analysis of how you did so that you can adapt and impress employers.
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