How to make a wish come true!

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Snow White

Landing your perfect placement can be an absolute dream. You can end up working with the perfect team, in a beautiful city and doing an exceptional job! That is exactly what happened to me, but this isn’t about my wish. I thought I would tell you how I made a little girl’s wish come to true to meet Snow White.

It was a cold Sunday morning and a very early start with a drive to the Disney Store. Once there, we waited for the family to arrive with their own special princess. This little girl was extremely ill but had been treated to a princess birthday party the day before and then today meeting Snow White!

As all little girls love to do, there was plenty of shopping done and making sure that the right dolls were picked, along with, of course, an Elsa dress! Other accessories included Princess Sofia flip flops and Minnie the Mouse sunglasses. Not quite the weather outside, but this princess obviously knew something we didn’t!

The most heartwarming moment was when of course Snow White arrived and the little girl ran across the store with arms wide open for a hug! Then of course Snow White helped to do some shopping and then bid us farewell as she had to return to the forest.

The little girl and her family had such a fantastic experience at the store and hopefully made some magical memories.

I could never have dreamed that my job would give me such amazing opportunities and insights into just what a charity and corporate partnership can create.

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