How to get a career in marketing – advice from Inspiring Interns

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Whether you have studied a career in marketing or a completely non-marketing-related degree subject and are keen to branch into the marketing sector, you have come to the right place. Knowing where to get started on any career path can be a minefield, but this blog post should provide some insight into how you can boost your chances of making it in marketing.

Having said that, marketing is an extremely competitive field, so you’ll need to find methods of standing out from the crowd if you’re adamant about carving out a career in this sector.

Rest assured; we’re going to look at some of the key ways you can boost your chances of securing a career in marketing after graduation.

Find the right path

Believe it or not, marketing is an extremely broad field and is made up of multiple paths. With that said, there should be an avenue that fits your interests and skillsets.

If you’re more skilled in maths, a data-driven role may be more suitable for you. Do you consider yourself a more creative individual? A content writing position may suit your creative skillset.

Do you have an interest in specialist sectors, such as animal care, fitness or health and wellbeing? All of these industries need professional marketers too.

Here are some of the key sectors in marketing to be aware of:

Build your portfolio

Most marketing employers will want to see previous examples of your work during the hiring process to ensure you have an idea of what the role expects of you. Therefore, you would benefit from starting a portfolio featuring marketing-related university projects or semi-professional work you have completed that show off your talents.

If you’re keen to get into the content side of marketing, creating your own blog, social media pages or vlog is the perfect way to showcase your expertise. Starting your projects in your own time shows that you’re extremely driven with expert initiative.

Start networking

Networking is an extremely valuable asset when branching into any career sector; therefore, it should be high on the priority list when starting out in your marketing career. Who you connect with could be valuable to your future development, so aim to meet as many people as you can. You can connect with marketing professionals online via professional social media sites such as LinkedIn, or even by attending job fairs and workshops.

Apply for an internship

One of the easiest ways to secure a marketing job is by venturing down the internship route. Internships are a valuable way to gain experience in the field before applying for more permanent graduate jobs. In some cases, internships can convert into permanent positions when the placement has come to an end. You can discover a vast selection of marketing graduate jobs and marketing internships on the Inspiring Interns job board.

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Written by Laura Bill, who works for Inspiring Interns. Inspiring Interns is the first recruitment company to use the innovative technique of video CVs to place young jobseekers into employment. Since their founding in 2009, they have placed over 7,500 graduates into the workplace, as well as providing useful advice for recent graduates and employers.