How to build relationships in the workplace

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A placement year can be a brilliant opportunity to gain experience in the workplace whilst meeting new people and exploring a new city or country. However, for many people, placement year is the first time they’ve had to work closely with people develop relationships with colleagues that they don’t already know. Building strong and positive relationships with those around you in the workplace can be important to enjoy your placement and do the best job you possibly can, however, it can be quite daunting and nerve-racking at first!

Thankfully, there are a number of tips and tricks to ensure that you are able to hit the ground running on placement and build a good rapport with those around you on the job:

Introduce yourself!

It is hard to walk into a workplace and not feel shy when everyone around you already knows each other, but having the confidence to introduce yourself, whether that be in the office or at a social gathering outside of work, can go a long long way on placement. Reaching out to people and creating that bond leads to the development of good relationships between colleagues (and it also helps to build a network of contacts!).

Show your appreciation

You can build and maintain good relationships in the workplace by showing your appreciation whenever someone helps you – which admittedly will be a lot during the first few months of placement before you find your feet! A simple ‘thank you’ can build a good rapport between yourself and colleagues which can open the door to great working relationships.

Support other people’s work

Where possible, offer your assistance and support for other people’s work and projects. For example, if someone is working on an important document, offer to proofread it before it is submitted or published. By helping out and supporting colleagues, you’ll build good relationships with colleagues which you’ll be able to rely on later down the line.

Placement year is the perfect opportunity to meet new people and build a network of colleagues in a professional environment. These tips can help you make the most out of placement before returning to your studies for your final year – good luck!

Written by Rachael Woodroffe, C+P Associate

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