How I secured my graduate job

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I am a final year Politics with International Relations student. I did a year-long placement in a technical support team at IBM based in London. In December I accepted an offer to join PwC on their graduate scheme as a Management Consultant (starting October 2020).

Where I looked for my job

Different things work for different people, but I was finding that the following were giving me the best opportunities to research and apply for:

  • Times Top 100 Graduate Jobs (or similar listings).
  • Careers Fairs – a company you may have never considered might have that perfect role lined up.
  • LinkedIn – you can search for graduate jobs and filter by location, especially handy if you are like me and had a clear goal to be based in a specific city.
  • Aston Futures – a shameless plug, but Aston Futures actually has fantastic listings which are tailored for Aston students. The filtering system also makes it really easy to use.

Tips for the application process

For anyone looking for a great graduate job, there are two pieces of key advice that I would share:

Firstly, is doing your research. Research should be targeted at different levels of the company and the role you are applying for. You should seek to get a solid, core understanding of the company itself; such as the company values or goals which are often easily accessible from a company’s home page.

Then you need to understand as much as possible about the role itself you are applying for and how this may fit into a larger web of roles (especially in big corporations). If you are dazed and confused after this research then that is great; jot down your questions that you cannot find an answer for and take these to any assessment centre or interview you have (this will show a keen interest and engagement with the opportunity).

Secondly, is showing your true personality. What I mean by this is, it’s easy to be bogged down with the systematic processes of job applications with the online tests and forms to fill in and assessment centres to complete. What is critical through all of these processes is allowing a potential employer to take a first glance of who you are as an individual and what you have to offer. In this regard, do not just be the experiences that you have listed on your CV; instead, embody the skills that these experiences have given you over the years and use them to display that you are a candidate that an employer cannot afford to miss out on!

Written by Jordan Smith, Careers+Placements Associate