How I found my placement on Aston Futures

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Looking for a placement that is right for you can sometimes be a struggle. While job search websites offer many interesting placement listings, there is another website available which is massively useful: Aston Futures. It is on this website that I found my placement as a clinical assistant psychologist.

I don’t believe I would have found this placement if I didn’t look on Aston Futures, and this would be a huge loss for me. I enjoyed this placement more than I ever anticipated, it ticked all the boxes on my checklist – the location, the business area, the type of work.

This was made possible through the use of Aston Futures which allows you to tailor your placement search using many filters. Not only that, but this company also had hired Aston students for years using this website, which meant they were experienced with the processes involved in taking on a university student. This meant my transition from traditional lecture education to a year in work was as smooth and as easy as possible.

Finding a placement through Aston Futures itself is easy. Once you log in, you can search and filter through opportunities on the opportunity search page. If you find a placement that catches your eye, you can apply following the application instructions provided with that opportunity. Expanding your search from typical job search websites to student-targeting websites like Aston Futures can be so helpful in finding an enjoyable placement that is right for you. It is important to find a placement you will enjoy as it will be a year of your life! So here is some advice… check out Aston Futures, don’t give up and keep working hard – it will all pay off.

Good luck!

Blog post by Sally Crisp