Graduate in Focus: Neelam Nazir

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Name: Neelam Nazir

Degree: Business and Management

Year of graduation: 2015

Employer: Advantage Services (Europe) Ltd

Job title: Marketing Co-Ordinator

What does a typical day in your job look like?

  • Creating and editing content on the website to ensure all the information is up-to-date.
  • Creating templates for the Sales and Finance team, which they use to send out to customers, saving them time from re-typing the same email.
  • Managing Google Ads – making sure the ads are generating leads and online sales, and if they are not to change the content accordingly.
  • Creating e-marketing campaigns to the customer base, informing them of new product releases, updates, laws and regulations that will affect their business and software they are using, and special offers.
  • Organising and attending networking events.

What has been the highlight of your job so far?

Learning HTML coding – from not knowing anything about coding to having complete responsibility of managing the website was a great achievement

 What skills have you developed in your role?

  • HTML coding.
  • Using Google Ads and Analytics, and Bing Ads.
  • Further developed my writing, communication, telephone and organisational skills.

How has your current role shaped your career plans?

I was looking into a Web Developer role, but I have decided to pursue a career in teaching. I have gained many transferable skills from this role that will help me in my teaching career.

How did you secure your role? Did you receive any support from Careers+Placements?

I was working at Graduate Advantage as an Internship Co-Ordinator and was recruiting for Advantage Service (Europe) Ltd. When my contract finished, I notified the MD, Matt Hobbs, at Advantage Services (Europe) Ltd that my colleague would now be recruiting on his behalf. He then asked if I was looking for a job and I got into talks with him and secured a Marketing Assistant role in 2015.

Did you do a placement or gain any other work experience before securing your graduate role?

I did a placement year as a Marketing Assistant, which helped me gain skills such as managing a CRM database, customer service skills, telephone skills, and helping my team arrange job fairs and events. This placement provided me with skills that gave me a head-start in my current role, as I was given the responsibility of organising and attending events, liaising with my colleagues to create a communications schedule and creating mailshots to generate leads and online orders.

What advice would you offer to final year students or other recent graduates looking for a role?

Always remember that most, if not all, of the skills you have gained from work experience or university will be transferable and you can utilise them at work and further develop them, as you will not always have the exact skills the job spec requires.