Graduate In Focus: Courtney Laudat

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Name: Courtney Laudat

Company: Sport Inspired

Job Role: Marketing and Communications Executive

What has been the highlight of your working career so far?

The highlight from my placement was organising an event at the House of Lords!

The highlight from my current role has to be witnessing the sheer delight on children’s faces every time we put on a sports festival – magical.

How did you secure your role at Sport Inspired? Did you receive any support from Careers+Placements?

I found this role through the emails sent out by Careers+Placements!

Did you have any part time or volunteering work experience that gave you any extra experience you needed for this role?

Yes, I needed experience of working in a marketing/communications role so previous experience from my placement year was essential.  It’s a great opportunity to showcase any work/projects outside of university.

You completed a placement year in industry, did this help or change your plans for the future? What skills (professional or personal) did you develop during this year?

Completing a placement year helped massively with final year of university in terms of being more focused and committed to studying. I developed both professional skills such as working to deadlines and having my own projects to manage in addition to developing personal skills such as confidence.

Would you recommend that current students take a Placement year, if so, why?

100% it helps you to develop key skills that you can transfer to your final year of university and to future roles, plus it looks great on your CV.

Can you sum up your placement year in 3 words?

Eventful, challenging, rewarding

How did you find the transition from student to paid employee?

Absolutely fine – I think it probably helped that I’d already done a placement year so knew what to expect.

Do you have any tips for final years students who are currently looking for graduate roles?

Try to find a balance with studying and looking for graduate roles. Don’t get too disheartened if you don’t get anything early on in final year there are amazing roles available throughout the whole year. Go to Careers+Placements if you need any help or advice!

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