Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn

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LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional networking platform, offers a host of opportunities that’ll help you take your first step on the career ladder and showcase your expertise to potential employers.  Now, millions of jobseekers are using the tool to build their personal brand and enhance professional growth.

If you’re soon to start the graduate job hunt and looking for ways to enhance your employability, LinkedIn could be the way forward.

In this blog, we’ll explore key strategies to help you make the most of LinkedIn through the platform’s features and unlocking opportunities within your industry.

Add new skills to your profile

A LinkedIn profile could almost be compared to an online version of your CV or Video CV. What you include within your profile has the ability to make you stand out against thousands of other users on the lookout for jobs.

Be sure to add a concise summary outlining your expertise and most importantly, the skills you possess. Within a study, it was discovered that over 90% of jobseekers with five or more skills listed on their profile had been hired within just three months. With that said, don’t use stereotypical phrases such as ‘hardworking’ or ‘passionate’, as they say nothing about what you can actually achieve. Instead, think outside of the box by listing transferable skills such as:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Decision-making
  • Critical thinking
  • Adaptability
  • Problem-solving

Use a striking headline

When actively on the job hunt, it’s essential to make your intentions known on LinkedIn. Therefore, use the power of your headline to announce your availability as a jobseeker and aim to capture the attention of recruiters and hiring managers.

Craft a compelling headline that reflects your career goals and showcases your skills. For instance, phrases like “Writer seeking businesses in need of a friendly ghost (or ghostwriter)” can pique the interest of relevant professionals.By making your job search intentions clear in your headline, you even increase the chances of increasing your visibility in candidate searches.

Keep adding new connections

To maximise your presence on LinkedIn, it’s crucial to build a diverse and expansive network. By actively seeking new connections, you can increase your visibility, gain access to new companies and industries, and uncover exciting job opportunities.

Surprisingly, many successful professionals on LinkedIn started as strangers before becoming valuable connections. You never know when that one chance message could trigger the start of your career journey.

Make it your priority to connect with individuals who work in companies or industries that interest you, as they may be able to offer unique insights and expand your professional horizons.

Join industry-specific groups

One effective way to make the most out of LinkedIn is to actively participate in groups relevant to your industry. In doing so, you can network with like-minded professionals, get advice, and keep an eye out for job openings shared by fellow group members.

Share your expertise and establish thought leadership

LinkedIn offers an excellent platform positioning yourself as a thought leader in your industry. By creating and sharing your own content, you can demonstrate your knowledge and unique perspective about the latest news and trends. Publishing articles, sharing insights, and providing valuable tips or advice related to your field not only establishes your professional reputation but also attracts a relevant and engaged audience.

Take advantage of LinkedIn’s publishing platform or utilise external blogging tools to write in-depth articles. When sharing content, be sure to include relevant hashtags and tag influencers or industry experts to increase visibility and encourage engagement.

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Written by Laura Bill, who works for Inspiring Interns. Inspiring Interns is the first recruitment company to use the innovative technique of video CVs to place young jobseekers into employment. Since their founding in 2009, they have placed over 7,500 graduates into the workplace, as well as providing useful advice for recent graduates and employers.