From Self Doubt, To Securing My Placement

Megan WilliamsMegan Williams, Second Year, UK Placements


I want to start off by thanking you for taking interest in my blog posts and to give you a little insight on how I secured my placement.

So… I am an English Language student and have debated between many possible career choices. And the truth is I just did not know what sort of job role I wanted to apply for during placement year.

I started applying for placement roles in the January of second year and found that I had secured two interviews fairly quickly. Being quite proactive within my part-time job and holding more of a senior position I thought I would be fairly ok throughout the interviews. I was wrong. I found the interviews to be very stressful and a lot more intense then I had first anticipated and I was unsuccessful on both occasions.

This knocked my confidence MASSIVELY.

I carried on applying for roles here and there but with ‘life’ getting in the way before I knew it, it was exam period. So I stopped all placement searches and focused on my exams.

Once exam period was over I didn’t know whether I could face the stress of looking for a placement, so I debated going straight into final year. I went back and forth with the idea until I secured an interview with one organisation.

I contacted my placement coordinator as I thought ‘this is my last chance at securing a placement, I want to do it properly’. My placement coordinator was immensely helpful! We went through different interview techniques and she suggested I went home, looked through the practice questions she had emailed over to me and practiced my answers.

That evening I received a phone call from the placements team asking if I would like my CV to be passed on to the JobShop, here at Aston University.

And here I am!! Without the help of my placement coordinator I believe I would now be in final year, having passed the opportunity to develop so many vital skills. Placement year so far has helped me build a stronger work ethic and determination.

The moral of the story is… use your placement coordinator! That is what they are there for and without Kiran I don’t believe I would have secured a placement, so DO IT!

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