First date of placement search

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Hola chicos y chicas.

I know I have not been posting about placement advice lately but this post is about it.

Today, I’m going to write about interviews. Placement interviews are like your first dates (I’m just going to assume that you had a couple of them), where rule number one is to impress the girl or the boy so that you can have a second date. Is the same with placement interviews. You have to be on your top shape and look flawless.


I’m going to tell you what you should not do when you go on an interview. Once again they will sound like common sense but since I have seen a lot of people doing it, I will just refresh your memories.

  1. When discussing the interview time make sure you have the right time, especially if the interview is with a company from another country. I have received a lot of e-mails of people telling me British time, I know the difference but I have friends who don’t know the difference and do not have time to go and check. Then you miss your interview and cause a bad impression


  1. Make sure you allow yourself enough time to get there. If the interview is over Skype, check the connection and practice with a friend or a family member. I have had to call candidates numerous times because they are in a place with a bad connection or sometimes I have to scream so that they can understand what I’m saying. Then there is the odd one that blames us (like for real).

  1. If you are going to have a skype interview please, please, please be in a place where no one is going to disturb you. For example, once we had this guy that was doing the skype interview on his pyjamas, with his grandmother sat next to him, feeding him and stroking his hair (I’m not lying, believe me when I write this).


  1. Like Nadia (a lady that works with me) says “Por Dios, de verdad, en serio”, don’t forget you have your camera on, so the interviewer can see all of your weird faces and everything that you are doing. So don’t check your lipstick or clean your teeth while we are talking.


  1. Be prepared to answer questions about yourself and to use the SMART method. If someone asks you why they should choose you, don’t say is because you work in a hotel or McDonalds (Like I said before, don’t ask me, just laugh). Sell yourself and show them that you are better than the candidates that work at McDonalds or hotels (I have nothing against people that work in either place)



Don’t forget if you are not good in your first date s/he will not call you back and then you are back in the single zone L (at least is better than the friend zone, imagine that).

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