Finding accommodation for your placement year

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So, you’ve secured your placement. Life is good, no more job application forms to fill in or interviews to prepare for. But there is one more thing to figure out for your placement year – where are you going to live?

Here are a few handy tips from my own experience that should make your home search as stress-free as possible:

  • Connect with fellow interns

On my placement year there were Facebook groups for interns to join (if there isn’t one then mention it to your placement employer and see if you can get one started). I posted a message in the Facebook group asking if anyone was looking to rent in the same area with me. I ended up being put in contact with a mutual friend who was also joining the same company. We got a house together and had an amazing year! Sharing with other interns means you will have a fun and exciting home to come back to and you will be living with people who will all be able to help each other out for challenges on placement.

  • Contact your employer

Some employers give more help than others. Some may put you in direct contact with housing providers; but assuming they don’t, still contact them and ask them for all the advice they can provide. Where did past interns live? What areas in the local area are great to live?

  • Plan your route to work

Wherever you live, you need to make sure you have a sensible and planned commuting route. Is there a bus, train, tube you can take to work? If you are having to commute for over an hour everyday this could be really draining and detract from your experience. So, it is great to plan ahead and find a location which leaves you with an easy and enjoyable route into work every day.

  • Ask Aston

Pop in to speak to the finance team (in The Hub) if you are worried about money concerns.

Written by Jordan Smith

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