FAQs on SMEs

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What is an SME?

According to the latest reports, there are 5.7million SMEs in the UK alone, accounting for 99% of all businesses.

How many SMEs are there?

An SME is a small to medium sizes enterprise. In the UK, this is usually defined as any business that employs fewer than 250 employees, and has an annual turnover of less than £50million

Are there SME opportunities in my preferred industry?

SMEs account for at least 99.5% of the businesses in every main industry sector. So the chances are very high!

What are the benefits of working for an SME?

Working within an SME means you’ll get the opportunity to diversify your skills, taking on tasks across the business. There may be greater opportunities for taking on responsibility early on and individual input will have a visible impact on the performance of the organisation. SMEs are more likely to be able to offer flexible working options for their workforce, such as the ability to work from home or a more relaxed dress code.

Where do I find opportunities with SMEs?

We’d recommend that you check our latest live roles on Aston Futures first of all – you can even use our handy filter to drill down to just SME roles. SMEs often rely heavily on recruitment agencies for their recruitment, so make sure you’re checking these, as roles may not be listed directly on the company website.

Are there many roles with SMEs on Aston Futures?

Yes, we have almost 200 placement and graduate roles with SMEs live on Aston Futures right now!

Is the application process different with an SME

Often, an SME won’t have the resources to recruit via an assessment centre as they can be quite time and cost-intensive for the company. This means the recruitment process with an SME is typically simpler, with many SMEs using the standard CV, cover letter and interview method.

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