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Final year student, Emme, recently secured herself a graduate job within the NHS – congratulations, Emme! As her recruitment was done virtually, we asked her to share her tips for success. Here’s what she said…

Under these current circumstances many of you may be wondering how your future employability prospects will be impacted, especially those who are still searching for placements or graduate roles. There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding recruitment at the moment, however as someone who recently secured a graduate job during the lockdown I can promise you that there is still hope and that companies are still hiring, although mostly via virtual recruitment. This involves interviews and assessment centres being held through Skype, Zoom and other online applications.

Here are some tips to achieve success through virtual recruitment:

Remain professional
Virtual interviews can seem strange, but it is important to ensure that you still possess the positive and professional attitude that you would have towards an in-person interview. First impressions still count, so make sure that you dress smartly and are in a suitable environment, preferably with a plain background, and with no noise distractions.

Test your connection
Prior to the start of the interview or assessment centre test your Wi-Fi and video/audio to ensure that you have a good connection. Recruiters will understand that technology does not always work, but if you think you may have a poor connection during the session perhaps email them in advance to give prior warning.

Take advantage of the university careers services
Aston’s Careers+Placements team has lots of great resources, and you can contact them with any questions you may have. This blog also has great articles to help your job search and offer advice.

Do your research
As with any job interview make sure that you do extra reading on the company and the role to ensure that can answer any questions they have. Many companies offer their own advice for interviews, especially under the current circumstances, and other companies offer tips too. For example, Rate My Placement published an article on how to prepare for virtual assessment centres which is definitely worth a read.

Broaden your search
You may have heard from employers that recruitment has been put on hold during this time however this is not to say that other companies are not still hiring, for example the NHS, police and pharmacies are still actively recruiting. It may be worth considering broadening your search and looking at different roles that you may have not previously considered, as any experience is good experience for the future.

Have patience
The current situation is stressful for everyone and employers will understand this. With many people working from home recruiters may take longer to respond. But have patience and know that once the current situation relaxes many companies will resume recruitment.

The process of applying for jobs can often be long and disheartening, especially during the current stressful circumstances, but it is important to not give up hope.

I hope you all stay safe and well, and I wish you the best of luck!

Written by Emme Hunt, C+P Associate and Final Year Student

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash