Dealing with Rejection and Keeping up The Momentum

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Getting rejected from job applications can be a very frustrating experience. Here are ways you can bounce back from it and keep the momentum!


Self-development relates to learning from the feedback given to you from failed or rejected applications. This would improve your performance because you are learning what areas you could do better at. In case you didn’t get feedback, you can request it. This shows that you are mature and willing to learn to develop. Additionally, your knowledge and confidence will increase in future applications by assessing the feedback and improving from it.

The psychometric test stage might be hindering your applications. That is to say, this has been the cause of some of my failed placement applications. They were difficult and time-consuming. Therefore I recommend using TeamFocus and Graduate First because they are impactful self-development resources. They are online tools that Aston provides to students to assist us with psychometric tests.

Changing Your Perspective

“If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it.”


You should change your perspective on failed applications and rejections as this is vital to your progress. At times, it can be discouraging when you don’t get accepted for a job you want. I applied to over 30 jobs when I was searching for a placement and some of them didn’t bother to let me know I was unsuccessful. Most certainly, my experience was a rollercoaster of getting my hopes up just to get them crushed. Above all, this took a toll on my application momentum.

However, knowing that if I wasn’t successful in 30, I could still apply to 50 more and be successful. There were a lot of jobs out there and being too upset about one rejection took away from the time I could spend finding more opportunities. That is to say, use every application as a lesson to build your comfort level with the process.

Attending Careers Events

Aston hosts a wide range of events across the year. Careers events help students build their knowledge in different fields. For instance, sometimes the events are in partnership with a big company like PwC where they offer advice to Aston students on how to approach their application process. From my experience, the events are informative and applicable to real-life job applications. Therefore I recommend checking out Aston Futures to register the mailing list and get a notification when there are new events.


“Succeeding in business is all about making connections”

Richard Branson, Founder of the Virgin Group

Networking is an important tool in building your career at any stage. It includes connecting and speaking to other applicants in different fields to discover their experience. In other words, you could learn from what they are doing differently from you. Furthermore, you could use LinkedIn as a great way to meet people and network with them to learn about new opportunities. Check out the Resource Library for ways to create an ideal LinkedIn profile and how to best utilise it as a student.

All the best !

Written by Chidinma Vivian